31 years ago tamburitza's orchestra and women's choir was created by the name Trešnjevka by the first conductor prof. Petar Kutnjak. He was also the initiator of Children's Kajkavtian festival in Zlatar, where this orchestra has performed for five years. Those were joyful moment of growing up with tambura and music. Prof. Kutnjak has embedded us with love toward music.

In years that followed Trešnjevka was conducted by prof. Zvonimir Prelčec (1979-1986) Champion of opera in Croatian National Theater in Zagreb . That was period of Trešnjevka's affirmation in musical circles. Numerous rewards followed and many travels occurred.

Tomislav Uhlik (1986) – He conducted choir for only one season, but very successfully.


Pero Gotovac (1987/88) conducted a choir and sometimes entire ensemble. He made considerable impact on our opus as composer of many pieces which we remember. His interpretations were unmistakable.


Diana Atanasov- Piljek (1990.-1998.) – As conductress of choir she created entire generation of excellent vocalists. They are still singing with us. She was also important as solo singer.


Tihomir Zlatić – Ever since 1987th he leads association as organizer and also as an artistic director. Occasionally he conducts the orchestra. For some time he conducted young orchestra and choir 1998-2002. Today he is conductor, concert master, arranger and president of Trešnjevka.

Božo Potočnik (1985.) - He came as foreman of entire orchestra and choir. Hundreds of arrangements and scores are now main part of our opus. His interpretations are now that famous sound which everybody remembers when they hear Trešnjevka playing.