Here are our active members and short words about them

Choir How our maestro Božo Potočnik sees us
Marija Srzentić Quiet, peaceful and efficient, with smile like Mona Lisa
Iva Kornfein

To be in love with song, actually means to love people, like she loves them

Petra Mestrović - Meshtra From song to a smile, kindness, joy and responsibility
Ivana Bosner


Kristina Hafner -Kika Calm water digs through and her song rings. Serious but with a soul.
Maja Nikolorić– Micek Behind girlie smile, worries look through, but song make you happy and brave.
Nives Fakin  
Petra Padjen – Pero

Devilish and successful, break every obstacle down, or goes over them, always with song in the heart

Gordana Vinković – Goga

In song she reveals herself and her talents, tendencies and joys. And her guitar – just like a sugar on a pie.

Martina Rosandić - Vysoka

Determinative and decisive, always busy and filled with positive vibes. Probably in love? Not probably, everybody knows.

Mirela Hajdarević - Miki

She is the sensor of inner joy for entire choir. If her face is serious, every alarm in the neighborhood sounds of.

Maja Latifović

Soul of a girl and a song. Only beautiful thoughts and feelings. She sings to the sun and the moon. And to us.

Jelena Peršić

So young, but real Medjimurian. Good for everybody around, they can't be missing song.

Vlatka Čučković – Ćuća

It would be nice if we could clone her. That way we would have two of them – while one works, the other sings, but equally beautiful.

Tihana Radić Her Happy Day comes in our opus and in our hearts.
Marija Jaramazović  
Tihomir Zlatić – Mc One of the founders, plays, sings, conduct, arrange, haggle, gamble, whatever is needed.
Dalibor Kovačec – Kovo

Vice prim player, rational fellow, but filled with emotions.

Ivan Srzentić Srzo learns quickly now that he melted down. He doesn't just open his mouth, but really sings. And he doesn't lose time. With ladies, of course.
Matej Kordić

The first hair of the orchestra and my neighbor. When he goes down the stairs I know it is time for rehearse.

Tomislav Štrok - Tom  
Nikola Prpić – Prpa

Look at him now! And what funny kid he was.

Mario Hajsok – Hajs

One of main strengths with years of experience and energy of some in love with music.

Đurđica Blažević  
Sinisa Tomašegović – Gigi

A tenor with a bass in his hands. Where could you find that?

Ivan Kaćurov  

Everybody accounted for. Here you can see how did they look years ago (we won't tell you how long ago)

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