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Who are we? What are we?

Just recently we were known as CAS Trešnjevka, or Cultural and Artistic Society Trešnjevka. Now our name has changed into Musical Ensemble Trešnjevka. Some people still call us by our old name. Even we have a habit calling ourselves by the old name. What to expect after more that 31 year of existence!

Law defines us citizen association, but really we are just group of people with mutual interest of playing music, singing and having fun. The fact that fun is written last here does not make it less important. I of course we like traveling. A lot.

In these thirty years on the musical scene lot of genres have changed, and have shaken that scene this way or that way. But, through that entire period our ensemble worked hard to perform national and concert music on national instrument called tambura. We haven't played only folklore, which is first thought everybody gets when they hear word tambura. Each one of us like some other musical style. All those styles have created specific influences on each of us. That way all those styles have found a way to combine with folk music and some very original pieces were created. We started with folk music. Then we went to the musical pieces special written for tamburitza's orchestra and choir. Religious, clerical and gospel music also have part in our opus. We experimented with classic and romance, because Wiener waltz is unavoidable piece for any orchestra. Then we started with something modern like music from the movies, or some very popular music. Many people can't believe what is possible to play on tambura.

That is why we have prepaired programs for some specific days in a year. Like Christmas or St. Georges.

We will continue with our music and having fun, and you can dig around links to find some more detailed information about us, our tamburas, our opus or concerts or even something completely different.

Or maybe you want to join us?


Mi smo tu zbog Vas...


Music, concerts, playing and singing. That are our way of fun. Keeping national instruments, music and wealth alive also. We do our best to keep our members and visitors happy. You can help with it if you want to play, sing, or just have oldfashion fun.