Link exchange


Let us exchange links with each other. Why? You either have a website, blog, forum or portal or something. Whatever you have you surely want your page ti be high in search engines. One of the best way to do that is to have high pagerank. And it is measured by number of inbound links to your website. The best way to have more inbound links is link exchange.


Here is pagerank of this website so you can check it for yourself


So if you have website, portal, forum or blog from one of the categories written bellow, place our link on your website and then email us with information where can we find that link and how should we place your link to our page. Just copy any of the links bellow and paste it somewhere on your page.

We exchange one4one, meaning you cannot place our text link and expect from us to place banner. If you place our banner, we place your banner. Same goes for text links.


Music ensemble Tresnjevka


Tambura – Croatian national treasure

Choir music

Free games




Musical pages

Websites of other Arts

Media sites – news, portals, radio, podcasts, video...


Blogs and personal pages

Technology – internet, software, webmasters,…

Pets and gardening

Other non-adult pages


Sailing in Croatia

There is also great banner exchange program here